Friday, October 22, 2010

Financial Analysts (Asian)

If you're into doing financial reports, getting tasked to do Asian companies can be a pain to do because their websites, more often than not, are not offered in English, and the analyst's names are hard to find.

Here's a list of some analysts that i encounter most of the time when i'm doing Japanese and Korean IR reports.

These are accurate as of 2Q 2010.

  • Atsuo Takahashi; Mizuho Securities
  • Chan Sung Min; JP Morgan
  • Fumiyoshi Sakai; Credit Suisse
  • Hidemaru Yamaguchi, Nikko Citigroup Ltd
  • Hiroki Hayakawa; Credit Suisse
  • Hironobu Sawake of JP Morgan
  • Jae-seok Park; Samsung Securities
  • Josh Bae; UBS
  • Neale Anderson; HSBC
  • Sean Lee; Citigroup
  • Sean Wu; Merrill Lynch
  • Stanley Yang; Nomura Securities
  • Yang Jong-in; Hankuk Investment & Securities
  • Yo Mizuno; Daiwa Securities Capital Markets

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